The Making of Favini Crush
When branding and design studio Silk Pearce briefed me they wanted me to shoot exploding fruit, vegetables, cocoa and lavender in high resolution (230mb each) for their client Favini Papers. Millisecond accuracy was required. A millisecond too early and the energy would not have arrived. A millisecond too late and the action would be missed. There was only time for one frame at this resolution. I felt the images should be sharp but have a little motion to look real. This also needed to be repeatable. What you see here is what was shot with little retouch.

Favini Remake
Working with design agency Silk Pearce, we storey boarded then calculated the number of frames required for each circle of the foot, how to shoot it without seeing how the camera is moving between frames. Worked out how to tie the lace, this was done in reverse as this was the easyist way to shoot it. This is the result.

Favini Graphic Specialities
Andrea Maack is a visual artist from Reykjavik, Iceland. Her work explores the line between art, fashion and perfumery, using pencil line drawings as the basis of her process to create one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

Favini Release Papers
Texture, surfaces, product – the story of casting release